Energise Network

The Energise charge map shows the location of public charge points in the South East of England.
The Energise Network is a public sector led network. We established the Energise Network to link up charge points which have been provided by the public authorities in the South East.
We are also growing the network by installing rapid chargers across Kent, Sussex and Surrey, as well as linking up private sector charge points to create an integrated network for the South East.

The Energise map shows eV charge points across the region currently available to you. You can see the types of eV charge points plus any supporting information.

Use the Map
Round, round, get around...
Energise is giving the South East more accessibility to owning and running an EV. Which means a nicer and greener South East, and lots of benefits for you.
  • Reduced fuel and duty costs
  • Business savings
  • Lower operational costs
More on Electric Vehicles
High speed charging
The new Energise rapid chargers can 'fill up' your electric vehicle in approximately 30 minutes.
Just enough time to grab a coffee or a snack, check some emails, and be on your way again.
How to Charge
charge point
Easy as one, two, three
It couldn't be simpler – get your card, check the map, charge your car.
Use any charge point in the South East as part of the Energise network, as well as others further afield. 
How to Charge
Signing up for access to the Energise network is simple.
As the Energise Network we are trying to bring all the SE publically accessible electric vehicle recharging points under one roof.

If you take up the Energise Network membership, you’ll have access to our Energise Network rapid chargers plus other public charge points in the South East. These include most local authority charge points in Kent, Surrey and Sussex plus Southern Rail fast chargers.

The network is supported by Charge Your Car (CYC), which means CYC members can access Energise Network charge points (with-out re-joining) and Energise Network members can also access CYC sites across the UK (and EU partnered) as well!
Join eV Driver
We want your charge point as part of Energise!
We’d love to have as many charge points connected across the SE as possible.

This will benefit eV drivers and charge point owners alike, as they will have more places to visit, spend time and money. We will work with you to get your charge point connected up to the network, regardless of location, size or type.

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