Electric vehicles

Going electric – Why does it matter?
Changing the way we drive has become a hot topic in recent years and it’s not hard to see why. Conventionally powered vehicles with internal combustion engines are a major contributing factor to air pollution and poor air quality in our towns and cities. If we can do things that help clean up the air that we breathe, we’ll all be happier and healthier.

Electric vehicles can help to reduce emissions locally, improving air quality in areas of concern and reducing global carbon dioxide emissions.

Environmental benefits of EVs
Lower carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions than conventional petrol/diesel vehicles means electric vehicles can help with future climate savings.
Public health
Nitrogen oxides are one of the major sources of air pollution and are a major cause of breathing and respiratory problems. Electric vehicles' lack of harmful emissions will mean that communities are healthier and happier.
Air quality
Fine particulate pollution contributes to poor air quality, climate change and health problems. Electric vehicles produce significantly lower levels of these particles which means improved air quality for all.
Energise network has been established by the public and private sector partners with this goal in mind. We want to do our bit to provide the UK with low and ultra-low emission transport options for the future through this eV infrastructure.
Connecting – eV business, commuting & leisure
The benefits are not purely environmental either. Energise network will enable businesses and commuters to consider going electric. Due to the extent, connectivity and number of charge points to be installed across the South East, the extended range of electric vehicles enables business to use eVs.

The developing network of charge points connecting the South East to the rest of the UK and Europe, means that business can own or lease and operate electric vehicles more flexibly ever than before.
Business benefits of EVs
More charging infrastructure means that running an electric vehicle becomes a more feasible and flexible option for people. The increased scope of the network means the range of eVs increases considerably.
The reduced fuel and duty costs that come with owning a electric vehicle can reduce running costs for any size of business.
Taxis & Rental EVs
Switching to electric taxis and rental vehicles means lower operational costs for firms that specialise in these areas. Also the environmental impact of these companies can be reduced.
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Here are a selection of companies who produce electric vehicles. Click on the icon to visit their website and look at the wide range of available eVs.