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Joining the Energise network is quick and easy.
Here's how it work's.

Energise Network is a public authority led network connecting up both public authority and private owned charge points for everyone to use.
- Together we are installing a number of rapid and fast charger points across the SE and linking up existing "open to all/free to use" charge points already operating down here.

The new charge points are being supported and managed in partnership with Charge Your Car Ltd (CYC) to make the charge points across the SE more accessible.
- So to use these new charge points you will either need to join CYC via Energise Network or use the PAYG telephone numbers on the charge points
( *If you are a CYC member, then you don't have join again as you'll be able to use the Energise Network straight away.)

In addition there are a number of charge points on the network which are not CYC/Energise charge points.
- We have negotiated access to these charge points so that you may either use a CYC/Energise Network card or have "free to use" access to these charge points.

If you choose to join the Energise Network you will also benefit from gaining access to many other charge points across the UK which are linked into the wider UK and EU CYC network.

There are differnt ways in which you can use the Energise Network charge points, you can either:

1. Join the network via the form below, which requiries you to sign up and have an account with Charge Your Car. **Note: If you are already a CYC member, then you can use the Energise Network already, so there is no need to re-apply.

2. Use the PAYG telephone number on the charge points to activate the charge points (at the location). ***Note: Fee charges may apply and a CYC account may be needed.

3. Download the CYC App and use the charge points. (Visit ****Note: This may also require a CYC account to be set-up.

We are also talking to other networks around us, to enable easier access to eV charging from Cornwall, Devon and Hampshire through to London, Essex and Europe.
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