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Joining the Energise network is quick and easy.

We would love to have as many charge points connected across the South East as possible.

This will benefit eV drivers and charge point owners alike, as drivers will have more places to visit, spend time and spend money. We want to get as many charge points connected up in the SE so drivers can find them – simples!

We’re not fussy

We want your charge point to be used, so we will work with you to get it connected to the network, regardless of location, size or type. We are amenable to all types (rapid/quick, fast and slow).

Why join Energise network?

We want to let people know you’re there and available. By joining you get:

So what does it cost?

That’s the best part…we are not charging to connect your charge point to the Energise network!

We’d be happy to provide some Energise branded stickers for your charge point (for a just a small fee).

Join up now!

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Quote "energise" for your enrgise charge card
Terms and Conditions
Open eV charge points are those public accessible charge points which are not restricted by physical access (i.e.for private use only or have time restrictions), not restricted to certain users of a scheme or private users and can be operated using local payment service or remote accessibility by pay as you go (PAYG) services.