How to charge

Connecting with Energise and charging your car is simple.
Energise network is joining up electric vehicle charge points across the South East. Thanks to your Energise RFID card or CYC App, you’ll have access to our rapid charger network as well as all the other CYC charge points in the SE. As we are working with Charge Your Car (CYC), you will also benefit by being able to use other CYC charge points around the UK as well.

- We are also connecting up other publically accessible charge points across the SE, so our map will display even more charge point locations in the future.

- Across the UK you’ll also get access to Source West in the West Country and GMEV in Greater Manchester both of whom use CYC like us, as well as CYC's own home grown network in the North East plus Scotland!
How to use the energise network
Sign up
Register online as a user, and we'll send you an Energise charge card which we produce alongside our partners Charge Your Car.
Get the card
Once you've got your card, you can use it on any Energise or Charge Your Car charge point.
Find a point
Use our handy map to find the nearest or most convenient charge point for you, and get Energised.
How to use the energise network
You’ll find many other points around the region on our map, including at selected Southern Rail stations and the Ecotricity Electric Highway – where you’re able to use your Energise network card.

There will even be points that operate on other networks which have Pay-As-You-Go functionality and some that need no kind of card to operate at all (such as those by Zero Carbon World or Rolec).
phone with map
At the charge point
Swipe your card
Press the green button on the charge point and swipe your card, and then press the green button again to select standard charge.
Start charging
Plug the leads in to the socket on your EV, and press the 'tick' button to commence charging. You'll get a status update on the screen.
Get energised
Swipe your card again, take the nozzle out, and press the 'tick' button again.
How to use the energise network
We’re an open network and we’re committed to ensuring that you, the EV driver, is never left stranded. Our objective is to make charging an electric car as simple and straightforward as possible thanks to an open network of accessible charge points.
We’ve put together a handy downloadable factsheet with information on what is where and what you’ll need.

The rapid charger network will make electric travel for business and leisure more viable, by connecting to mainland Europe and other UK networks.
There will be a link to the continent through the ports of Dover and Newhaven and the Eurotunnel at Folkestone. You'll also find Energise near major international travel hubs such as London Gatwick Airport; at key Southern Rail railway stations and along major roads, trunk routes and motorways in the region.